Load Disqus Asynchronously [en]


In fact this method works for old threads. But it fails to create new post threads. This is why I tried and be conquered by intensedebate, as you can see in the bottom of this page.

Remark I didn’t have any comment on my blog when I switched. Therefore my lack of influence was a good thing :-).

Before begining, I must state that I love Disqus.

I know there is a similar blog entry at Trephine.org. Here I just add a straight and easy way to load disqus asynchronously using jQuery.

I also know there is a jQuery plugin to make just that. Unfortunately I had some issue with CSS.

Now let’s begin.


Why should I want to load the disqus javascript asynchronously?

  • Efficiency: I don’t want my page to wait the complete execution of disqus script to load.
  • More independance: when disqus is down, my page is blocked!


I give a solution with jQuery, but I’m certain it will work with many other js library.




If you forget the window.disqus_no_style=true; then your page will be blank. Simply because without this option, the javascript use a document.write action after the document was closed, which cause a complete erasing of it.


But with this option you still need to provide a CSS. This is why you have to copy the css code from the embed.js file and rewrite it in a CSS file. You can download the CSS I obtained.

Now it’s done. I believe all should be fine but I just finished the manip for my own site only 1 hour ago. Therefore there should be some error, tell me if it is the case.